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Tribulus Terrestris extract  

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Latin Name : Tribulus Terrestris
Part of Used : Fruit
Active ingredient : Saponins
Specs Available: 40% /60%/90%(UV)
Appearance: Brown yellow Fine Powder
Particle Size: 100% Through 80 mesh
Loss on drying: No more than 5%

Tribulus terrestris Extract have lower blood pressure, fall hematic fat, fight artery congee sclerosis, consenescence and strong effect. This source of peroxide decomposition of the enzyme, has the obvious antiaging effect, can improve immunity. Briers saponins is hormone nutrition supplements, because this herb is not included in the three main hormones any of a. Ascension can be natural testosterone, increase strength and strong action to improve the overall competitive state, non-toxic side effects.
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