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L-Glutathione (Reduced)
CAS NO:70-18-8
Molecular Formula:C10H17N3O6S
Molecular Weight:307.32
Appearance:white crystalline powder
Packing Size:5KG/DRUM,25KG/DRUM
Storage:Tight container,protect from light
Product Introduction:
L-Glutathione is a non-protein thiol tripeptide compound from condensation the peptide bond of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycin. It is an active small peptide with a wide range of function. With the advantages of anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, detoxification, anti-aging, enhancing immune, anti-cancer and anti-hazard from radiation. Glutathione is widely used in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Health function foods and cosmetic fields as an important bioactivity.
Daily nutaceuticals & Dietary supplement
● Anti-aging, antioxidant, maintain skin vigor and luster.
● Whitenoing skin,restraining the melanin. (Tablets ,Capsules)
● improve immunity, enhance immune cells funtion, effectively prevent viruses. (Tablets ,Capsules)
Drug treatment and Prevention
● Protect liver, the prevention and treatment of liver diseases. (Lyophilized Powder for injection, Tablets,Capsules )
● Detoxification, drugs and other kinds of poisoning auxiliary treatments,helpful for excreting toxins.
● Prevention and treatment of eye diseases. (Eye drops)
● Auxiliary treatment for diabetes.
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